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Children's Meditation

Children's Meditation Classes 

Currently our Children's Mediation Classes are running in a local primary School.  From age 4 to 11.  

However i do run a Parent and Child meditation Class Here at Eternal Aquarius , Please see below 
In the School Holidays, I lookig to run a Meditation and craft class. Should you wish to register your interest Please do not hesitate to contact em 

Parent and Child Meditation Class 

STARTS  Wednesday 12th June 2019 
6.00 PM TO 7.00 PM
Do you have a child who needs help to Reduce Anxiety, Depression or panic attacks? Maybe you both need assistance with these or just need to learn how to relax more, reduce blood pressure or want a "time out" together? Then why not come along, to learn Meditation for Beginners.

Take a time out to unwind and relax with guided meditation. Learn how to find inner calm and enjoy the benefits meditation has to offer.

These meditation techniques, give you pointers and information, along with help and guidance in learning how to meditate, Leaving you with an array of abilities

These can be used to practise at home to keep you calm and relaxed, For de-stressing after a bad day at school or work. Helping you both to deal with emotional day to day occurrences.
Or just coming along once a week to have a relaxing "Time out" and "Me time"

Other benefits of learning meditation:-
Reduces levels of stress
Lowering blood pressure and increased blood flow to the brain
Encourages deep relaxation and feelings of peace
Reduces Anxiety and panic attacks
Focuses the mind and promotes deep sleep
Increases concentration
Enhances creativity and opens the mind to new areas
Identifies and balances emotions
Can create a deeper understanding and awareness
Can help with creating your day and making grounding decisions
Ability to deal more calmly, in tense situations
Leads to a much deeper level of relaxation

Leaving you both, with a lovely feel good factor

When: Wednesday 12th June 2019
What : 8 week course of 1 hour guided meditations
Why : This course is for beginners or those new to meditation
Where: Eternal Aquarius, 94 Granville Street, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 7JH
What time: 18.00 pm to 19.00 pm
How much: £90.00 for the course ( for 1 parent & 1 Child )

To secure your place, a £10.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required

Final full payment to be paid at first Class on Wednesday 12th June 2019


Cash accepted
Cheque made Payable to Anjie Sears-Wallis
Or an easier way using paypal me
Or pay pal using my email address [email protected]

Posted to:-
94 Granville Street,
DE11 7JH